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Grand Sport Group Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of sport apparel and equipment. We are a leading supplier of indoor Sports flooring such as volleyball, badminton, futsal field for more than 50 years. We are experienced and specialize in the production of products with international quality and standards under the brand “Made in Thailand". We are proud and well accepted worldwide. We’re behind the scene of victories and success of Thai national team and sportsman of all levels both domestic and abroad


 We’re ready to be the driving force and encouragement for everyone to be strong minded and determined to win and reach the set goal by supporting all levels and all kinds of sporting competition both domestic and abroad. We’re ready to go international by being the producer of sport apparel and equipment with international quality and standards for you to join us “with spirit, with grand sport“

The great supporter

We’re proud to promote and support the youngsters to be knowledgeable and skillful in all types of sport by giving them quality sport apparel and equipment when attending events and competitions We’re ready to be the driving force to create confident by producing quality sport apparel and equipment for exercising and completions


Grand Sport Partnership was founded in 1961 by Mr. Kij Pluchcha-oom of starting as a small business in Wong Wian neighborhood on July 22nd selling sportswear and sporting goods of all kinds. Then in 1969, we were the 1st Thailand Sports company to be branded "Made in Thailand" for sportswear. Our reputation was introduced in 1971 when Grand Sport was selected for sportswear in The 6th Asian Games hosted by Thailand. In 1979, we expanded into exports to Hong Kong and Bahrain and established an in-house research and development department as the first company in the sporting goods industry in Thailand to do so. Later in the year 1980, we established Grand Marketing for the production, purchasing and sales of al sport equipment. What made us proud the most was when we won the 1984 Outstanding Product of Thailand from Niyomthai association( Thainess conservative association) with the trophy awarded by Chao Fa. Princess Chulabhorn Walailak. In 1985, we have started exporting to the Middle East; Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and, Kyrgyzstan, and in 1988, entered in a joint venture with Taiwan’s Yuan Chi co. in opening a factory producing all kinds of air sports equipment using the standard equivalent to the production in the United States of America. Then in 2014 we opened a retail shop as a Stand Alone Shop in almost all provinces to thoroughly serve customers.

Company policy

Our policy is aimed at encouraging everyone to have a good attitude toward exercising, playing sport, and sports competitions through various levels in various social events and being the sponsors of sports competitions both at national and general levels, the important thing is the producing sportswear and equipment to be modern with the quality and standards accepted worldwide. We believe that a good sportswear will make the person wearing it feel more confident and have better health and well-being


We are proud to be a Thai representative as a producer of sportswear and sports equipment at the Asian sport brand level. We’re also committed to conducting business as grand sport to be recognized worldwide for the high quality and standard


We have experience in the business of manufacturing and selling sportswear and sports equipment for over than 50 years, we have a joint venture with leading international manufacturers of sports equipment resulting in our products being diversified with the quality and standards equivalent to that of the United States of America so that we can export to the Middle East, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan, Asia and many other countries. We have been recognized as a manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel at the level of Asian sport brand


Grand Sport stable foundation started with operating business in the form of integration and interdependence in the family with everyone attending having the different administrative abilities and everyone has a love for sport games as well resulting in us being able to design and manufacture of sporting goods and sportswear with quality and standards meeting the requirements of the customer


We started with simply a small room in a building and have expanded to having grand sport retailers in the form of Stand Alone Shop in Bangkok and other provinces. We also have dealers nationwide so Grand Sport logo has been recognized and ranked in top 3 up until now


We focus on developing and creating innovative designing of sportswear and uniforms, which have to be developed both in terms of design, colors meant to convey the victory or the importance of each competition. We have also developed the textile structure ending up with the fabric made from special fibers with good ventilation making the wearers not hot with no odor or choosing fabric needed for cloth for athletes to compete in various places that required to be easily taken care of so we selected 100% polyester for our production for comfort and not easily wrinkled but easily washable and fast drying in order to provide good performance for the wearer


Besides the over 50 years success of the business, the other thing that we hold on to as the success and are proud of is the fact the we have been entrusted to be behind the scene of the Thai national team to compete in the SEA Games, Asian Games, and Olympic Games including the success of the athletes in the fields both domestic and abroad, which we are striving to keep providing the best services.